About Us

“What’s your favorite part of Weddings?”

Erik: The Groom’s reaction, Its so powerful when he sees her for the first time. That’s what we do, we are so fortunate to be able to live our passion together capturing those moment you will look back on forever. Pretty lucky, huh?
Ari: The preparation, the bride getting ready and being nervous but so excited at the same time! Moments during the getting-ready time are so genuine and intimate. Of course I don’t have just one favorite, I also love when we get to work with the couple; feeling the love between the couple and being able to capture that emotion in an image. Ahhh, we just love weddings, in fact, we are crazy about them!
Well if you haven’t heard of us, let me make this formal introduction, we are Ari + Erik. We have been shooting Wedding Photography for a couple of years now, and to say the least we love making it our job to document your story… beautifully.
It is said that the only tangible memories after a wedding are the photographs, which means that our perspective is how you will remember your big day. The most meaningful moments of a wedding always happen unexpectedly and are usually gone in an instant, with this in mind we have to capture all the details throughout your special day (big and small) in the most beautiful light. Our goal is create something visually stunning, creative and unique for you to always look back on.

When we shoot your Wedding Day, we will capture each moment with our artistic vision. We will deliver you an artistic product worthy of the Ari + Erik Weddings name. Cheers!

For more information regarding photography services, please contact us through the ‘Contact Us’ page or email us directly: arizapata@ymail.com or erikmotta@me.com

// fun fact about us: we have a crazy obsession with 80s music!